I dream of Twitter

Today we talked microblogging.  I’m not a big Twitter user myself, but in preparing for this class I found myself more intrigued by it. Looking at the trending topics is my favorite part. It’s like a microcosm and sometimes it alerts me to things happening in the news that I was otherwise unaware of.

In other news, I got ferrets last weekend. I will try to post a picture of them here over the weekend.



Well this Friday we’ll be talking Twitter.  It’s interesting how such a minor and originally obscure site can cause so much divide between people.  Some people live for Twitter and some could care less.   Maybe talking about it and playing with it on Friday will give everyone some new insight into it. Or not.  I’m not picky!

You blog, I blog, we create a blogosphere

After completing the first class of our five-part Web 2.0 adventure,  I came straight back ( well, maybe with a brief conversational pause) to blog about it.

What I love about blogging is the openness of the forum.   Here’s one midsize library that blogs about their upcoming events: http://findlaylibrary.blogspot.com

What I hope to see as we here at New City start our collective blogging endeavor is not only upcoming events, but book reviews, pictures of programs and additional resources for commonly asked questions.

There is also something about putting in a good apperance.  By understanding these leaps in internet behavior, we’re one step ahead and ready for the next one.   Web 3.0 is just around the corner….

Book a Librarian

I had my first two one on one sessions with customers today. They were both on learning how to use e-mail. I enjoyed it. Quite a different experiance than teaching a class of seven or eight people. I felt more comfortable that my students left understanding what I had taught.

Web 2.0 Countdown begins

I’ve got a web 2.0 class coming up and I’m pretty excited about it.  So far I’ve created an outline for all five classes and a more in depth script for the first week.

I know everyone will be on different levels, so I hope I don’t over talk the basics and not hit on the topics everyone is interested in. Maybe if the class works out, we can offer something similar for customers.

A New Event!

Things are happening on a date! There will be stuff and things and maybe even a few happy sounds. logoplain2